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Surgeons Urologic Surgeons is a University Hospitals surgical specialty practice and was established to expand quality urologic care in the Northeastern Ohio region. Working out of multiple offices, hospitals and surgery centers, Urologic Surgeons is strategically located to provide advanced urologic care to patients in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Ashtabula, Portage and Trumbull counties. Established in 2008, Urologic Surgeons is staffed by experienced board certified urologists who are specialists in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of urologic disease.

Urology is the surgical subspecialty which focuses entirely on the male and female urinary tract (adrenal glands, kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra), as well as, the male reproductive tract (prostate, testes, vas deferens, penis, scrotum, epididymus). Abnormalities of the urinary tract encompass a wide variety of symptoms including: abnormal urination (frequency, urgency, difficult urination, loss of urinary control), erectile dysfunction, flank pain, high blood pressure, kidney failure, infertility, blood in the urine, growths or masses on the adrenals, kidneys or bladder, and elevated PSA to name a few. Urologic Surgeons offers the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose and treat the cause of your urologic symptoms and conditions.

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Urologic Surgeons offers individualized treatment plans, educational discussions and handouts about your condition and treatment options, and will support you through each step of the process. Our experienced office staff is welcoming, respectful and efficient.

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